Do You Get Your House Appraised Every Week?

Do You Get Your House Appraised Every Week?

Hello, this is Dave Duley from Georgia Advisory Group, and I wanted to give you a market update for today, November 10, 2022. Let me ask you a quick question. Maybe you can help me figure out how many of you go out there and get your house appraised every week.  Nobody does that, and […]

Market Update – Glass Half Full​

Glass Half Full​

Hey, everybody  Dave Duley here with Georgia Advisory Group on November 10, 2022. This is a market update, so I’m going to be quick. The reason I want to touch base with you, I want to ask you a question. How many of you go out there on a weekly or maybe even a monthly […]

No Good News Ahead – Market Update

no good news

And the band just keeps playing, yesterday we saw Chairman Powell raise interest rates 75 basis points. I don’t think anyone should be surprised at this point, and he’s made it clear that he plans to continue this strategy going forward, Dave Duley here from the Georgia Advisory Group, this is our market update I […]