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What is the Best Time to Invest in Today’s Market?

Investment Management: What is the Best Time to Invest in Today’s Market? | Georgia Advisory Group

There’s no better time to Invest than Today, I’ve never seen anything like it in 40 years in the financial industry so much negativity and I believe it has to do with the political climate we’re in today and it’s feeding into our personal lives.

Hello, Dave Duley here with Georgia Advisory Group, with another video to set you straight on great advice to keep you focused on the road ahead watch this video all the way to its conclusion and see if you agree with me, then comment below on your feelings on what you believe the future holds. 

Countless psychological Studies have shown if you take 10 average people and stick them in a room from all different backgrounds for a period of one hour and plant one person whose entire outlook on life is negative and a second person who is positive about every subject discussed that nine out of the ten will come out of that room with a negative outlook. 

Now, the human brain’s natural tendency is to give weight to negative experiences versus interactions that are positive negative imagery or experiences cause stronger stimuli in the human brain that’s why we call it being in a funk, and then it impacts the entire body not only physically but emotionally it just feeds on itself, it’s human nature. 

Look, I’m so glad these midterm elections are almost over. When you get home and turn on the TV you want to just scream at all the negative news from political ads to negative news on the financial markets, we’ve got High Inflation, Interest Rates on the rise, Companies Missing Revenue estimates, Housing Prices Falling, Conflicts across the Globe, and oh Lord my portfolio was down.

Pessimism is everywhere, but now let’s look at reality. It took our country only 150 years before we saw electricity reach almost every home along with running water and sewer capabilities.

Think about it from a financial Viewpoint. In 1990 just 30 years ago the Dow Jones sat at 2700, and today it’s over 32 000. 

The NASDAQ sat at 400 in 1990 and today is over ten thousand. We have seen exponential growth in the last 30 years than in all the last thousand years. Since 1990, what have we gone through?

Yes, we got work to do by reducing deficits Opening our energy resources and getting rid of more regulations, and letting capitalism do its thing. And that goes for both political parties. But here’s what’s awesome, as we say in the South, we always get it done. In the next 10 years, the Innovations are coming are mind-blowing from technical to medical, and innovations that are still on the drawing board today. The creativity of the American entrepreneur is second to none. 

None of the companies that today are on the top 10 list I mentioned earlier of public trading companies was even on that list 30 years ago. Not a single one. So I’m beyond excited to see what lies ahead over the next 10 years. Much less over the next 30 Years. So, focus on family and friends, and let’s thank God we live where we do and have today one of the best opportunities ever afforded each of us during this period in History.

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