Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

Retirement Calculator

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GA Advisory Group’s Retirement Nest Egg Calculator answers a question most people ask at one time or another, “Assuming regular investment amounts, how much will I have when I retire?”. The calculator easily answers the question and creates a detailed schedule with projected date based investments and charts.

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The key here is anticipated income and expenses in retirement, not how much is enough. If we can calculate the former, we can begin to plan for retirement. Using the correct accounts to draw down on and at what pace is key. Planning is key and the sooner we begin the probability of success increases.

The answer is yes. But we need to anticipate which dollars to put to work where. This usually takes a staggered approach by using a combination of different buckets, that, each can be emptied over time while the remaining are in a growth mode into the future. Taking tax implications into consideration is very important to maximizing success.