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Georgia Advisory Group

How we are Set Apart

Our Team has over 120 years of combined service in the financial industry. 

Recommendation Process

“Working with us is a process, not an event”

  • We understand that starting a new relationship with a service provider can be a little stressful. That could be an investment advisor, attorney, accountant, etc. Everyone has some trepidation until they get a level of comfort. That’s why we want you to have a preview of what your first meeting with us entails.
  • Our goal is to put you at ease and let you get to know us as well as us getting to know you. Our first meeting is more a “meet and greet” than it is starting a business relationship.

Initial Meeting consists of fact finding only. Leave your checkbook at home. This meeting is for you to understand our firm and meet the principals. It is time to understand our approach to investing and creating wealth and income with protection. It is our opportunity to assess your philosophy and tolerance towards meeting goals. Asking questions of each other will be the primary focus and gathering information to put forth a plan of action.

Immediately following our initial meeting, we will return a recommendation letter to you for review. This will consist of action items for you to consider, Will updates, POA(s), rollovers, consolidation, income generation, investment strategy, SS setup, tax review, and fees to mention some.

This is meeting number 2, where we take a deep dive into our recommendations and questions or concerns you have regarding our plan and any adjustments needed to get underway.

  • Our last meeting consists of finalizing documentation processing for both parties. Gathering statements, setting up advisory accounts, advisory agreement, 24/7 access set up, and any final requests.

  • Remember, these are your accounts that you are giving us limited authority to trade and protect the positions we have taken.

  • This relationship will be long term and the focus is on building trust with likeminded planning between the parties. “Our promise is to always deal with the highest integrity with you and your family. To understand the enormity of our fiduciary responsibility with your finances. To be constantly available to be reached and to respond in a timely manner to any questions or concerns”.

  • Your promise is to keep us informed of any major changes in the family makeup. To be available to discuss any issues and meet on a regular basis

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We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.


Visit Us Daily

2440 Old Milton Pkwy Suite 200 Alpharetta, GA 30004 USA

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(770) 746-6511

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