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Pre or Post Retirement: 7 Staple Stocks For Your Investment Portfolio

Pre or Post Retirement: 7 Staple Stocks For Your Investment Portfolio

How can I improve my pre or post-retirement situation in the next 3 to 5 years? Well, if you don’t own the stocks of these seven companies individually, then consider reevaluating your advisor. Here’s why.

I’m Dave Douly, a 40-year veteran of the financial markets, and today, I’ll present seven stocks that are poised to hold their ground in this challenging economic environment. If you haven’t held these positions individually, it might be time to reconsider your advisor.

Let’s delve into these mega-companies and understand why holding them long-term can result in significant returns.

Apple: With a year-to-date return of 33% and over 167 billion in cash, Apple remains a tech giant. Despite concerns about its popularity, the time spent on smartphones continues to rise.

NVIDIA: Boasting a remarkable year-to-date return of over 200%, NVIDIA is a standout performer. With 16 billion in cash and a commitment to stock buybacks, it remains a compelling choice.

Google: While considered less exciting, Google has a respectable 50% return this year, a low P/E ratio of 28, and 118 billion in cash. Its dominance in online platforms like YouTube makes it a solid investment.

Meta (formerly Facebook): With a modest year-to-date return of 150% and 54 billion in cash, Meta is expected to benefit from significant political ad spending in 2024, keeping users engaged.

Amazon: Despite a comparatively lower return of 50% this year, Amazon’s extensive product reach and 64 billion in cash make it a consistent performer.

Tesla: Up 99% for 2023, Tesla, led by Elon Musk, remains a disruptive force. The company’s diversified ventures, from SpaceX to Neuralink, offer unique investment opportunities.

Microsoft: With an almost 31% return for the year and a whopping 112 billion in cash, Microsoft is a tech giant with unparalleled global market share.

Owning a fraction of these companies through mutual funds might limit your returns. The NASDAQ 100, for example, is up 33% year-to-date, but excluding these seven companies drops the return to 6%.

In these uncertain times, where rising bond yields challenge most companies, the cash-rich “magnificent seven” are exceptions. Their massive cash reserves provide stability and potential future gains.

If your advisor is not considering these individual stocks and is solely relying on mutual funds, it might be time to reevaluate your investment strategy. Consider reaching out to us for a more personalized approach.

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