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Watching Another Stock Rally Pass By? Transform Your Underperforming Retirement Portfolio!

Here we go again !
Unveiling the Secrets to Massive Stock Rally and High Growth Opportunities!

Here we go again, another massive rally heading into the final part of 2023. Again, with specific stocks we’ve preached about for over a year. Dave Duley here again to provide some insight on how to position yourself while waiting to get involved with these staple companies and take advantage of continued high growth in the years to come.

For 40 years, I’ve been talking about the simplicity of the markets and why I believe too many people try to overthink their positions when looking to invest. You’ve probably seen commercials that claim, “We do better when you do better,” and that is correct. As a financial firm charging fees to manage your accounts, performance becomes a major issue when examining firms to work with.

Now, what’s important to grasp for the average investor is that licensed financial advisors are heavily regulated by FINRA or the SEC. Talking about performance is a fine line that gets most advisors and firms in serious trouble.

I can tell you that when you see any ad or YouTube video talking about specific possible returns by subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a book, or countless other get-rich schemes, these are non-licensed individuals not regulated by their state security division or FINRA or the SEC. So, buyer beware.

At our website, you can find countless videos this year talking specifically about actions to take on specific positions. So, visit our website, which is posted here on the video. The caveat and our constant warning for the last 25 years have been to protect your position using options.

Now, I understand when you even mention the word “options,” red flags get thrown up. Primarily because most people have no idea or have some preconceived idea of the inherent risk involved in using options. But just like any tool you have in your garage, if used improperly, they can hurt you. Most tools are designed to make life easier, and options are no different.

Protective puts or covered calls, along with selling cash-covered puts to create income while you’re waiting to get positioned in stocks you want to own long-term, are great and safe ways to use options. But having a firm that are experts in this particular area is crucial.

Many firms refuse to take these simple moves because it takes active management and, quite frankly, work. It’s easy to outsource your account to fund managers to place you in cookie-cutter predetermined portfolios, and then they go play golf.

This year alone, for example, the QQQs have returned over a 35% return, and the top seven of those 100 companies, if combined, have returns of over 75%. The SPY or the S&P500 has returned 14%. So, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out that simplicity is always the best path to take when considering difficult decisions.

Let us show you exactly how we go about investing in great companies, covering positions during fast-moving markets, and creating what we call the Sleep factor for long-term conservative growth. Quit looking for the hidden mystery for creating wealth and get with a firm that gives you sound advice and actively manages your accounts. Get with a firm that has accounting, tax, and trading all in-house, where they don’t outsource your accounts to people you’ve never even met and you’ll never meet.

Visit our website, subscribe below if you love this content, and we will give you continued food for thought when deciding which direction to go for your family’s best interest. Till next time.

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2440 Old Milton Pkwy Suite 200 Alpharetta, GA 30004 USA

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