Market Update - Do You Get Your House Appraised Every Week?

Hello, this is Dave Dooley from Georgia Advisory Group, and I wanted to give you a market update for today, November 10, 2022. Let me ask you a quick question. Maybe you can help me figure out how many of you go out there and get your house appraised every week. 

Nobody does that, and the reason is that we don’t plan on buying or selling it every week, so the value fluctuating up and down doesn’t cause us much concern. My point is that if we look today, we’ll notice that the market is on a tear today based on what information? Well, based on information the CPI number that came out early this morning was about two to three-tenths of a point less than what three-tenths ago.

You see all that green, right? We’re seeing a tear in the market today, right, with the Dow reaching over a thousand points and the NASDAQ reaching over 600 points, yet yesterday we saw a huge downturn after the big red wave didn’t occur. My point is, is it correct that the reason we went to cash back in April was to have dry powder to be able to purchase things over the last three to four months continuing to do so this is a great indication today that when the market gets on a tear I believe we’ll see record moves in the future over a period that are higher than we’ve ever seen before because, once again, companies have been beaten down unreasonably and thus you’re going to see just a tear when it comes to returns on your investment but the bottom line is you’ve got to be with a firm that has a plan we’ve got a plan we’ve stuck with our plan and it’s funny my phone doesn’t ring when the market