No Good News Ahead

09 / 2022

The summer rally we just experienced has some investors feeling like now is the time to get back in the market.  In our view, the worst may not be over.  Stock markets usually look ahead and factor in news that is “knowable”.  In our opinion, inflation is still too high, rising interest rates are affecting too many big-ticket products, companies are still struggling to find employees and supply chain issues haven’t been resolved.  These factors overwhelmingly affect the profitability of most companies.

With upcoming Mid-Term elections and Sept/Oct generally being our most volatile months, we think a very specific strategy is in order.  It’s impossible to “wait for the bottom” as it would only be defined as a bottom after it rallied 15-20%.  We have identified a group of companies that will be able to maintain profitability and set their own pricing through the current turmoil and we have a method of buying in at lower prices while your generating income in the process.

The time To Buy is a down market! But with a specific strategy!

Let us show you how!